What My Clients Are Saying

“Jennifer is an amazing coach. She’s very knowledgeable, kind, and understanding. She was able to hold space for me which allowed me to open up and share more about my complicated relationship with food without feeling judged or embarrassed. During our sessions I felt understood, heard, and most importantly, I finally felt like I wasn’t alone. I highly recommend Jennifer as a coach.”


Chicago, IL

“Everyone needs Jen in their lives! She has a true gift for seeing what each person needs, so every plan is customized and unique. Jen has approached my experience with wisdom, kindness, and encouragement — in both good and challenging times. I appreciate Jen’s view that good health is a whole body experience. She’s made suggestions related to things other than food or diet that have contributed to my overall wellness and success — that’s what I was missing. This has helped me find solutions, avoid roadblocks, and meet my goals.”


League City, TX

“Since I started working with Jennifer my clothes are looser, I’m more alert, and my energy level is the best it’s been in years. Jennifer is also incredibly supportive and holds no judgment; these characteristics have been a very important part of my journey. Jennifer is not just a health coach, she’s a life saver.”


Houston, TX

“Jennifer collaborated with me to define my goals and to empower me to take action toward improving my life. She really listened to my personal story and made me feel supported when I discussed sensitive issues. Jennifer also challenged me to clarify where I wanted to go in my journey and gave my confidence a boost. It is so nice to have a smart, professional coach like Jennifer on my side.”


Elmhurst, IL

“I highly recommend working with Jennifer if you are looking to take back control of your life. Jennifer’s support goes beyond food and diet choices – she excels at taking a holistic view of the various challenges impacting someone’s life and offering achievable solutions. Jennifer is thoughtful, warm, and nonjudgmental. She made me feel at ease, and when I shared something that didn’t make me proud, she found ways to turn it into an opportunity to pivot rather than view it as a failure. Even in a group setting, Jennifer managed to tailor discussions to make me feel seen.”


Evanston, IL

“Jennifer’s recognition that working women raising families need to take care of themselves is so important. I was interested in finding new ways to manage stress, weight gain, and better sleep and Jennifer helped me find numerous solutions that fit my lifestyle. Jennifer is very invested in supporting her clients. She is also a good listener and brings new ideas to every conversation. I recommend Jennifer to any woman trying to regain focus, support themselves, and reach their personal goals.”


Evanston, IL

“Jennifer gave me support around exercise and I’m now doing Pilates and weight training weekly. Intermittent fasting has also become part of my routine and I have lost 10 pounds. I have worked through personal issues with Jennifer and she has been very helpful; I give Jennifer full credit for my feelings of calm. Jennifer presents things clearly and directly and is positive and intuitive in her approach.”


Houston, TX

“My experience with Jennifer was a true success story. Jennifer provided me with strategies, recommendations, and positive reinforcement while also holding me accountable. She was supportive, understanding, and a realistic goal setter. I achieved all of my key goals!”


Evanston, IL

“I have been working with Jennifer for over a year, and she has helped me identify and become accountable for reaching measurable goals. I’ve had some major changes in my life, and Jennifer has helped me organize, prioritize, and keep moving forward. Jennifer is warm, caring, nonjudgmental, and very encouraging. I have recommended her to others and do so without hesitation.”


Houston, TX

“I sought Jennifer’s help with eating issues and stress. She offered easy to attain, practical solutions and helped me make small changes that added up to larger ones. Jennifer is caring, supportive, positive, and not at all judgmental. She even made it possible for me to become less judgmental about myself.”


Houston, TX

“Jennifer is a very open person with a lot of personal experience that she is willing to share. I appreciate that she does not present herself as any more perfect in her pursuit of wellness than her program participants. I have joined two of Jennifer’s group programs; they are fun and the other women in the group have been supportive and encouraging. Jennifer’s sessions are well-planned with many great resources. Jennifer has also provided group members with personalized ideas and suggestions.”


Evanston, IL

“Since working with Jennifer, I’ve learned how to take better care of myself. I’ve been cooking more and cutting down on ordering out. I’ve started volunteering, joined a yoga class, and have been getting together with friends more often. Jennifer is kind, open, and positive, and I have really enjoyed being in her wellness group.”


Evanston, IL