I’m here to help you come home to your healthiest self.

If, like most women, you’re approaching your days as a To-Do list rather than a To-Be list, it’s time for a reframe. It’s time to pinpoint the wellness plan that empowers you with the tools to become your best self and live your best life. What does that look like?

Here’s a peek:

  • Sustain positive energy throughout your days.
  • Sleep soundly.
  • Make peace with food.
  • Engage in movement that pleases body and soul.
  • Maintain a balanced stress level.
  • Approach the meaningful things in your life with calm and clarity.

Yes, these things are truly within reach! I will show you how to get there.

What My Clients Are Saying

“Since I started working with Jennifer my clothes are looser, I’m more alert, and my energy level is the best it’s been in years. Jennifer is also incredibly supportive and holds no judgment; these characteristics have been a very important part of my journey. Jennifer is not just a health coach, she’s a life saver.”

— Laura, Houston, TX

“Jennifer collaborated with me to define my goals and to empower me to take action toward improving my life. She really listened to my personal story and made me feel supported when I discussed sensitive issues. Jennifer also challenged me to clarify where I wanted to go in my journey and gave my confidence a boost. It is so nice to have a smart, professional coach like Jennifer on my side.”

— Tera, Elmhurst, IL


How will you Become?

Sustainably Well

6-Month | 1:1 Program

You’re beyond frustrated by failed attempts to consistently manage your health and wellness, and your food cravings feel out of control. Longing for more energy without knowing how to get it, you’re ready for lasting change but need direction and expertise to help make it happen. Sustainably Well is the program for you!

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Wellness Reboot

12-Week | 1:1 Program

Maybe you want to look and feel great for an upcoming event. Or perhaps you’ve fallen off the wagon and are tired of seeing all the clothes in your closet that don’t fit. You know you can get back on track, but guidance, advice, and a dependable accountability partner would ensure your success. It’s time for a Wellness Reboot!

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Vibrant Living

5-Month | Group Program

You’re in a bit of a health rut and need ideas and inspiration, not to mention a little self-care. You enjoy connecting with other health-minded people and would thrive with female camaraderie and the opportunity to be held accountable for your goals. Come have fun and feel the love with Vibrant Living!

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